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On this page we intend to describe and recommend you the services offered by Euro – Holges Customs Agency, one of the market leading companies in the field of customs affairs in the Southern Transdanubian Region, operating in Szekszárd, the capital city of Tolna County.

Our company is privately owned and a member of a Group consisting of 3 companies. One of the members, Holges – Tex Kft. is primarily engaged in trading of Eastern European textile base materials, while the other company, Industria Kft. is engaged in international transportation.
The principle followed in the activity of our customs agency is to provide professional services, by relieving our customers from trouble associated with customs affairs. We perform our work in compliance with the current legal environment, by providing the best possible services, with full guarantee and insurance, for which the background is based on 20-years' professional skills of our colleagues.
We offer and provide our services for our partners at competitive prices tested and accepted in the heavy competition developed on the market. We have been operating for over ten years; the ability to keep our position after the accession the EU proves that services of high standard can be delivered by precise, prompt and flexible work done to satisfaction of customers even under the conditions affected by laws changing from day to day.
EURO-HOLGES Vámügynökség Kft. was founded in January 1993. Its registered office: 7100 Szekszárd, TOTÉV ipartelep 30. The principal activity has comprised comprehensive customs administration and warehousing services related to foreign trade for over 20 years. We have roofed and open-air warehouses on an area of around 1.5 hectares at the company seat, and we perform warehousing activity, packing, loading and order picking in our type "A" customs warehouse. We have loading machines required for operating the warehouse, such as fork trucks, and we do manual loading and order picking of goods on a daily basis. Everyday warehousing activities are performed by skilled and well qualified stock-keepers.
In the office block of the company there are offices properly equipped to meet the requirements of our age (internet, telephone, fax, copy machine, scanner). At present we pursue the customs agency activity through electronic means in a rented office in the building of the NTCA Customs and Financial Guard Directorate for Tolna County in Szekszárd (Szekszárd, Damjanich u. 50.), which is close to the customs authority, and we work in close cooperation with them.
Among our partners there are 2 multinational companies, for which we perform comprehensive customs administration and customs accounting services on their premises. Within the customs formalities we undertake to assist our contracted partners with customs consultancy, obtainment of licenses for their activities, full representation and maintenance contact with the customs authority and departments of the competent ministry.

Since 1994 our company has been a member of the Hungarian Association of Customs Affairs, and our managing director is a member of the presidency.
We are also a member of the Association of Hungarian Logistics Service Centres.


Euro – Holges Vámügynökség Kft.
H-7100 Szekszárd, TOTÉV ipartelep 30.
Telephone: 74/413-880
Fax: 74/511-741