Warehousing Logistic services

Customs administration services

  • comprehensive export/import customs administration
  • electronic presentation of goods to customs in export (AES), in standard and simplified procedures; in import (AIS), in standard procedures
  • preparation and submission of customs declaration forms and transport documents through electronic means, personal assistance in customs procedures
  • NCTS notifications T1/T2 departure and arrival (as authorized consignor/consignee)
  • preparation of T2L documents
  • preparation of documents certifying origin (A.TR, EUR.1)
  • joint and several guarantee for the payment custom debts and dues, for temporary storage
  • Procedure according to Transit Convention by issuing form “TC31 – Certificate of Guarantee”
  • customs clearance for private individuals, customs clearance of chattels of immigrants and returnees
  • performance of customs formalities in public customs warehouse
  • customs consultancy and representation before customs authority
  • administration of post-clearance (amendment, customs drawback, submission of applications, etc.)
  • Intrastat data provision service
  • application for VPID/EORI number
  • applications for customs authorisations


In security for our activities we have a bank guarantee facility of 32 million Forints.


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